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For many years the Duksville Crew have been a familiar site at all the major UK hot rodding events. The comprehensively stocked marquee showcases one of the largest collection of hot rod and custom components available in the UK.

Now IT'S EASIER THAN EVER to purchase hot rod components using the Secure Online Shop.

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 Visit our 'rides for sale' page to see what we have on offer. We can normally source hot rods from the UK or US - call to discuss your requirements.

Visit our gallery to see some of our friends and customers hot rods and customs.

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What else?

Builder of Hot Rods:
Whether you are looking for a rolling chassis or full ground-up hot rod build visit our workshop>>>

  • Specializing quality hot rod component installation:
    If you wish to upgrade an existing hot rod or hot rod project, Duksville provide a comprehensive component installation service - brakes, suspension and more, why not contact us to discuss your hot rod requirements?


Above: Duksville fabrication workshop






















With a network of hot rod parts suppliers established throughout the USA, Duksville can cater for most hot rod requirements - if not ex-stock then most hot rod hardware can be shipped in on the next of their regular year-round hot rod parts consignments.


 Visit our 'NEW' two wheeled Hop-up pages for you Bobber/Chopper/Cafe and Harley parts.









Duksville..EXCLUSIVE Earthenware Coffee Mug..














Girly T's..











Dehen Club/Race Sweaters



  In Stock NOW.... 

  • Hop Up Back Copy's...
  • Issue...6,7,8.
  • If you're into the real deal well...This is for you.  


Large items may incur a extra shipping charge, due to the size.

Small and Medium items are not effected.

 PLEASE NOTE...There is a 10% Restocking Fee for parts returned that have been ordered in error..Please make sure that you read the full description of the part you are looking at to save any confusion or call first to make sure. Please read the Terms and Condition on returns and warranty.

We do not back-order parts... It is in stock unless stated.

If you do not see what you need on the site...please call or drop us a email.

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Please return regular as we have a large product range.

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